Bodies in eMotion - Video Installation

Bodies in eMotion deals with the universal yet distinct ways that humans express and feel emotion. The work depicts embodied expressions of six universal emotions, as an intimate portrayal of the human condition through a tapestry of movement, music and colour. From sadness to happiness, anger to fear, surprise and disgust, four dancers of distinct cultural, generational and artistic backgrounds breathe life into the emotions, compelling reflection on the shared nature of human experience.  Bodies in eMotion wants you to consider, that despite our differences, we share more than we think, a realisation too hard to ignore as humanity faces its greatest challenges in the 21st century.   Link to video here

The Cageance Project

The Cageance Project is a worldwide compilation. 
Of performances of 4'33",
John Cage's 'silent piece', directed by Stuart Slater. Listen to my rendition by clicking here.